Global Immersion Programme

SAI International Residential School’s mission is to offer its students the best global opportunities. In doing so it has developed well rounded and Global Immersion Programmes to several countries including the United Kingdom, Singapore and this year we added Italy with hopes of adding USA in the near future. Each programme has its own charm including home stay and visits to places of historical prominence including Unesco Heritage Sites and Wonders of the World.


Global Immersion Programme ITALY – “ICAN” Global Summit 2019


Global Immersion Programme Singapore 2018

Travelling is always congenial but travelling with friend to a far off land is an experience in itself. SIRS – Global Immersion Program (GIP) is an innovative plan for the exchange and experiential education. A team of 14 students with two teachers took off to Singapore for the 7- day Global Immersion Program, on October 14, 2018 and returned with a bounty of knowledge by exploring and interacting on October 21, 2018. Collaborations with universities in Singapore helped the SIRS students explore and understand the various academic structures of curriculum. A 3-days session on Entrepreneurship and Start-ups was conducted at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), where the students got a fair idea of website designing and product marketing. The famous Tesla show at the Singapore Science Centre was an enlightening experience for the students. The Scientific experiments and demonstrations were simply brilliant. The relaxing trip to Singapore enabled students to experience a different culture and develop a better understanding of the country.

This was the very first of its kind experience for the students of SIRS where they visited a different country with friends and teachers  it provided the students a hands-on learning opportunity, built around clear learning objectives. Through the GIP, students explored, interacted and enriched their knowledge of places and works of art they learn about in the classroom or on the television.