International Women’s Day 2019

SIRS welcomes Ms. Maddie Hobbs and Mr. Kristian Rouse

SAI International Residential School hosted to teachers for International Women’s Day from Churchdown Village Infant School, Gloucester, UK, Ms Hobbs and Mr Rouse. In honour of this auspicious day Ms Hobbs gave a heart warming speech about gender equality and its effects on not only herself but as a global issue. SIRS dance team performed a colourful dance. A quiz was conducted sighting famous quotes by global women of influence followed by their picture. It was a challenge to select the woman based off of quotes but students were able to guess quite a few.

Classroom Activity

Students created Mother’s Day Cards in the classroom giving thanks for all that mothers do. Each card featured thoughtful words that surly brightened the day of each mother. Each card was filled with love and hand crafted.

Our UK Guests posing next to the heartfelt Mother’s Day Cards made by the students.

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